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About our Bonsai

For over 30 years, the Bird family has grown the Kingsville Boxwood, a highly coveted tree in the Bonsai world. These majestic trees are set apart by their compact, well-proportioned evergreen leaves, dense growth, and rough bark; all desirable features for Bonsai. Because of its natural growth tendencies, Kingsville Boxwoods look like a miniature 100-year-old tree on their own, with only minimal maintenance. It is an extremely hearty plant that is perfect for any experience level.

Boxwoods are steeped in history, dating back to ancient Rome where it was used in gardens and to create ornamental wood “boxes” (where the name boxwood comes from). The Kingsville Boxwood is a rare strain that was developed in 1912 in Maryland. Bird’s Bonsai is proud to be one of the few cultivators of this unique tree.

Bonsai Care

Kingsville Boxwoods are hardy little trees and very easy to care for. Follow these easy guidelines below to keep your tree healthy for years to come!



Bird’s bonsai enjoys moderate moisture levels, but does not like constant wet soil. Water every few days when the soil feels dry.


Bird’s Boxwood Bonsai are not picky about lighting and tolerates both sun and shade. Moderate light levels while indoors are ideal during the growing season.


While our bonsai require minimal maintenance, it’s a good idea to feed it organic fertilizer every two weeks during its growth season.

Shapping & Prunning

The Kingsville boxwood grows slowly making it a great bonsai for people who do not want a high maintenance plant. For the Bonsai practitioner, these bonsai can be tolerate traditional treatments, such as jinn and shari, and even root over rock. For everyone else, enjoy a naturally appealing tree without much work!