Bird's Bonsai - Affordable, Hardy Bonsai Trees for Sale
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Perfect for your home or office

Our bonsai and succulents are perfect in any room and become an instant conversation piece.  These are no ordinary plants and make great memorable gifts or add a unique element to a room. Grown in the U.S.A.

Our Bonsai are different

Ideal Aesthetics

Bird’s Bonsai are Kingsville Boxwoods, which naturally have ideal qualities for Bonsai, such as small leaves and compact size.

Easy Care

Bonsai are notoriously hard to care for but Bird’s Bonsai are hardy little trees. When growing outdoors, they can survive droughts and frigid temperatures. Regular watering and sun light are all that’s needed.

Good for the Planet

We need more trees in the world. Buy a tree and we’ll plant a tree. We are committed to re-forestation and combating global climate change.

Our Mission

One thing we can all agree on is the world needs more trees. Forests are the foundation of America’s great outdoors and help sustain our way of life. We donate a portion of every Bird’s Bonsai towards planting new trees. Learn more about our mission here